Tax cut financed from the Generations Fund: Force jeunesse denounces Legault's promise

Tax reduction financed from the Gécirc; generations: Force jeunesse denounces Legault's promise

MISE & Agrave; DAY

The organization Force jeunesse denounces François Legault's promise of a tax cut financed from the Generations Fund, which “would mortgage the choices of future generations”.  

On the second day of its election campaign, the CAQ unveiled its “anti-inflation shield”. The outgoing Prime Minister is committed to lowering taxpayers' taxes by 2.5% over ten years. 

This reduction in the tax burden of Quebecers would be financed by reducing by nearly 40% the payments provided for in the Generations Fund, in order to maintain the financing of the main missions of the State, such as health and education. 

An “unacceptable” promise, according to Force jeunesse. “To build his shield against inflation, François Legault cannot use pieces of the armor that Quebec youth has acquired to ensure its future. The CAQ is on the wrong track by wishing to use the Generations Fund to finance tax cuts and it is essential that the party consider another avenue to achieve its objective, ”argues the president of the organization, Simon Telles.   

It should be noted that the CAQ Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, is a founding member of Force jeunesse. The chief of staff and right-hand man of the head of the CAQ, Martin Koskinen, was also at the head of the organization in the early 2000s. 

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