Tax for Apple, Facebook and Google have criticized

The Deputy of the faction “European Solidarity” Irina Friz said that the draft law a member of the “public Servants” Daniel Getmantsev on the imposition of taxes on services of the companies-residents of Ukraine, including Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Google is a “Securom” and a blow to relations with the United States.

Налог для Apple, Facebook и Google подвергли жесткой критике

She wrote about this in Facebook.

The MP noted that in the explanatory note to the bill stated, that Ukraine is guided by the experience of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Friz wrote that in the European Union and the United States is the taxation of electronic services, because they provide companies that are residents of or have branches. She stressed that listed in the draft law Corporation are leaders in the world market and “exile” from the Ukraine government will not be able to replace their counterparts.

The Deputy from “European Solidarity” was also doubtful of the effectiveness of the law.

“I can’t even imagine the creation of a list of products for which payment is being tracked by banking institutions, summarized and sent to the headquarters of famous companies in the form of accounts. First try to create the conditions that such companies have opened branches in Ukraine, then they will automatically become taxpayers. Otherwise, the result would be an increase in the cost of quality products is for Ukrainians, and even worse — have to buy that as a service for Ukraine will be closed,” she wrote.

Frieze noted that now in the US media Ukraine is mentioned only in the context of the impeachment of President Donald trump, and not Russian aggression, as it was before the election of Vladimir Zelensky. She believes that the bill Getmanceva will cause another “hit” on the relations between Ukraine and the USA.