Tax service of Ukraine commented on the rumors about the introduction of a new tax

20% tax for the received on the cash card money. This information is massively distributed in various media with reference to the internal revenue service.

Налоговая служба Украины прокомментировала слухи о введении нового налога

In response to this, the head of the State tax service Sergey Varlamov said, “I can reassure the Ukrainians, and say that’s not true,” reports Hvylya, citing TSN.

Also, the Tax service of Ukraine reported on its Facebook page that no new deductions from transfers to card accounts to enter is not planned.

As explained by specialists of the tax service, information on the tax on the transfer of Bank card appeared after the publication of the letter from SFSU, which was actually a fake.

“The IRS has decided to engage in battle with an invisible enemy – some of the rumors and false information. No. The tax will not tax the money coming to the personal card. No. Banks do not convey information about the receipt of funds in your cards. These fakes are spreading, referring to the number of individual consultations, which in the registry fixed the explanation is a completely different question. INK doctored to spread”, — stated in the message.

The lawyers explained that the transfers from individuals between persons in a family relationship are not taxed, but rather at a zero rate.

If the card received a refund loan, a tax will be charged.

If this is a gift, the tax will be 5% (personal income tax) + 1,5% (military duty).

If it is payment for goods, work, services or rent, then the tax is 18% (personal income tax) + 1,5 % (military duty).

In addition, lawyers say that the IRS may not obtain information about receipts to the account.

The only exception is through a court decision. Information on income can receive financial monitoring, but only if the amount exceeds 150 thousand hryvnia.

The Bank may require additional documents for the transaction. However, these data will not be disclosed to the tax.