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The U.S. tax system is complicated enough, and how Americans and immigrants is sometimes difficult to understand its intricacies. Errors in filing can result in additional costs and problems with one of the most formidable American agencies — the Tax service (IRS).

Налоги, вычеты и заполнение деклараций: специалист по финансам ответит на вопросы читателей ForumDaily

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The U.S. tax system is considered one of the most highly developed and exemplary in the world. However, it is quite complicated American tax field is regulated by multiple laws and regulations. One of the additional challenges for immigrants is the need for filing every resident of the United States, which is not in the post-Soviet countries, and the majority arrived in the United States have absolutely no experience in this process. Multi-level tax system, as well as a variety of deductions only further complicate the already difficult task — to understand the US tax system.

So diverse questions from our immigrants there is quite a lot. At the request of the ForumDaily Ilona Dovydaityte E. A. and specialists led by her company TIP Inc United States Tax Services will answer questions from our readers about the tax system of the United States and will help to understand the process of filing the Declaration and the relationship with the IRS.

TIP Inc was founded as a tax business in Chicago (Il) for over 10 years helping individual clients and business owners in all States in the preparation and filing of tax returns, opening of companies, accounting, payroll (Payroll), the representation of clients before the IRS. The company employs professionals that help to manage finances and support, providing quality services in the field of accounting and taxation. Advice TIP Inc are English, Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages.

Readers ForumDaily have the opportunity to ask Dovidaitis questions about taxes, deductions, process filing, and all that related to this topic. Your questions you can write in a form that can be found below in the news, or in comments to this material. You can also leave questions in the comments to the post on this subject on our page “Looking for advice” in Facebook. If you want your question to remain anonymous, you can send him a personal message on our page in Facebook.

Send us your questions until 2 January. All answers will be published on our website.

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