Taxi driver at Monza did not recognize the client as a winner of the Grand Prix Formula 1 LeClair

Таксист в Монце не узнал в клиенте победителя Гран-При Формулы-1 Леклера

Charles LeClair

As you might expect, after two consecutive victories in Formula 1 Charles LeClair now in Italy pay a lot of attention.

The other day young driver Ferrari was invited to the state news channel TG1 and told about the joyous feelings that are experienced after the triumph in Monza.

“I have already made three dreams: I am speaking in Formula 1, I’m a Ferrari driver and has already won two Grand Prix, one of them in Monza. Of course, now I want to become world champion”, – quotes the Charles

“Last Sunday I was away from the racetrack by taxi, but when getting into the car, the driver didn’t recognize me. He asked if I had seen the Grand Prix. I said what I saw, and that race went great.

“And this young guy is really strong!” he said, and I was pleased. At the end of the trip I still had and it was very fun!” – shared his impressions the young Monegasque.