Taxing millionaires: QS attacks farmers, says Dominique Anglade

Taxing millionaires: QS attacks farmers, says Dominique Anglade


SAINT-JACQUES-LE-MINEURBy targeting assets worth more than a million dollars, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois is “attacking the next generation of farmers”, pleads leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

“There are plenty of people who have assets of a million dollars… We only have to think of our farmers who have things that are worth that, but who in everyday life, it is far from 'to be an easy life,' said Dominique Anglade, present on the farm of Jean-Claude Poissant, his candidate in the riding of Huntingdon. 

“If I look right behind me, the combine, it's already worth a million dollars.” 

Yesterday, Québec solidaire announced that it would create a new tax for all those who hold more than $1 million in net assets, as well as for estates that exceed this amount.  

“He [GND] is attacking the next generation of farmers,” said Ms. Anglade.  

“When we talk about the need to have young people who want to get involved in the agriculture, you can't tell me that these are the young people you want to tax.  

Its candidate also points out that a million in the agricultural sector is not much when you look at all the assets present on a land because of the hard intergenerational work.  

“There had sacrifices from generation to generation. Before saying that a person is rich, you have to think about a company's entire past,” added Jean-Claude Poissant. 

“When a farmer has difficulty reaching and that we are going to tax him more for doing his job, there is a problem.” 

Lifetime work

According to the chief, this is “one example among millions of examples”.  

“This is an example of agriculture. When parents have worked all their lives and have decided to transfer the assets of even a house for their child, I don't think we should tax them,” said the leader of the PLQ. 

Dominique Anglade argues that holding $1 million in net assets mainly demonstrates “the work that has been done by many Quebecers” during their lifetime. 

“We don't want to look at it that way. We tabled our financial framework. We want to make sure that there are more rich people who pay, but it's about banks, it's about looking in tax havens. It is not a question of going to seek in the Quebec class”, she mentioned. 

The PLQ also intends to increase the taxes of wealthy individuals earning more than $ 300,000 a year . 

Reducing urban sprawl 

On this foggy Wednesday morning, Dominique Anglade said urban sprawl “is on the rise” on Quebec farmland. 

This sprawl must be “curbed,” she says .  

The Liberal leader wants agricultural activities to be protected because of new real estate developments, in order to protect the activities of farmers. 

“The objective , is that there is a cohabitation between this urban sprawl and agricultural activities,” she mentioned.  

Ms. Anglade plans to give farmers a boost if elected by looking into several reforms to help them cope with inflation and the challenges of climate change.  

A complete review of the programs of the Financière agricole is thus part of the commitments made by the party in its electoral platform. 

The implementation of a tax incentive during the sale of land was also put forward to help the next generation of farmers, as was a reform of the Act respecting the protection of the territory in order to allow producers to cope with urban sprawl. 

The PLQ once again accused the CAQ government of having notably granted privileges to the web giant Google for the construction of its data center on agricultural land in Beauharnois, to the detriment of the farmers of here. 

The Liberal leader will also meet the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) this afternoon. 

-With the collaboration of the Agence QMI.