Taxing the resale of used cars does not make sense, says Éric Duhaime

Taxing the resale of used cars doesn’t make sense, says É;ric Duhaime


DONNACONA | The Conservatives are proposing to stop taxing the resale of all used goods, including cars, a measure that will deprive the state of $350 million, according to their estimates.

Éric Duhaime was visiting a car dealership in Donnacona to make the announcement.   

For the Conservative leader, taxing goods used cars is a form of double taxation, which affects the most disadvantaged the most.   

The Conservatives also believe that this measure will make it possible to extend the useful life of several consumer goods, including automobiles, which would have the effect of reducing the impact of the manufacture of these products on the environment.   

The party will unveil its complete financial framework by September 15th.   

More details to come…

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