Taxpayers filed a lawsuit against the Governor of California and his idea to pay benefits to illegal immigrants

A group of taxpayers filed a lawsuit to block implementation of the initiative of Gavin Newsom, who offered to pay for more illegals, which by law do not have the right, says Fox 2.

Налогоплательщики подали в суд на губернатора Калифорнии и его идею платить пособия нелегалам

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state of California. Photo: Shutterstock

Two plaintiffs, Robin Cross and Howard A. Myers asked the court to declare the payment of benefits, illegal immigrants are illegal and those that violate the rights of honest taxpayers in the state. In addition, they demand that the ban on payments to illegals acted on a permanent basis in the future.

In addition to the Governor, defendant taxpayers also named Kim Johnson, head of the Department of public services, entrusted to manage these costs and adjust payments.

Representatives of the Governor even commented about the lawsuit.

According to the plaintiffs statement, the project Newsom, which he presented on April 12, provides a one-time payment of $500 for each illegal alien (but with a limit of $1000 per family) and can claim 150 thousand people in the state of California. According to their calculations, the program will cost the state, and therefore taxpayers, 79, 8 million dollars, taking into account the administrative costs of its implementation.

Illegal immigrants will begin receiving these benefits in may, and 40 thousand applicants live in Los Angeles.

Cross and Myers argue that the state did not take any official act which provides for the implementation of the program and, thus, illegal payments.

Earlier, another group of activists from the Center for American freedom filed a petition in the Supreme court demanding to suspend decisions Newsom. The plaintiffs in the case was made by a member of the Council of the city of Whittier (AK), Jessica Martinez, and Ricardo Benitez, an immigrant from El Salvador who is currently a U.S. citizen.

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