TAYANNA in a bra made of pearls and Palazzo pants were presented a new song

The artist presented a new composition in the project “Dances with stars z”.

TAYANNA в бюстгальтере из жемчуга и брюках-палаццо представила новую песню

Took place on the eleventh live show “Dances with stars z”, the theme of which was “the return of the heroes”. On the project back TAYANNA, which presented their new song “To Mami.”

The actress spoke with a music and dance performance, the Director of which was made by Ruslan Makhov.

The room resembled playback perfect frame from a beautiful and dramatic movie in 60 years. Laconic silhouettes, delicate shades of blue, the romance and the deliberate childishness was the starting point for creating a new image of the actress.

The singer was dressed in a bra made of pearls and leather brown costume, which consisted of a short jacket and Palazzo pants.

Her outfit complemented the hairstyle with a voluminous bouffant and bangs and bright makeup with pink lipstick.

“The song “To Mamie” is a love story where the feelings of a fragile woman uses man to heal his aching wound past relationships. It’s depressing main character. The person who becomes the “plantain” for her soul — mother. Because in different life situations, nobody will pick better words than she did. We are going back to mom when we need advice when we are good or bad, fun or lonely,” — said TAYANNA.

The song will be the lead single of the future EP, which is scheduled for release winter of this year. The author of the words and music of the song was made by the singer and sound producer — Vitaly Telezin.