TAYANNA told what the product already does not eat for many years

Singer TAYANNA, formerly “back to mom” in an incendiary new song, on the set of the show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of 31 December, said that helps her stay young and beautiful.

TAYANNA рассказала, какой продукт уже не ест много лет

A busy touring schedule is not always possible to find time for yourself or to rest. However, according to the popular Ukrainian singer TAYANNA, she found a way to keep in good physical shape and feel healthy. The actress confesses how her life has influenced: spiritual practices, sports, positive thinking, meditation, and the switch to vegetarianism.

“The special aims to become a vegan for myself, initially I did not put, simply I felt that at a certain period for me, this diet has become more comfortable and also I’m sorry animals, I believe that today in our lives so much, such a variety of foods of plant origin that people do not need meat. We live in nature and needs to be friends with her, and not to use it to meet our needs,” shared TAYANNA with the journalists of the channel “Ukraine”.

The actress is confident that this food not only helps to maintain the shape and care about nature is a huge benefit to the organism.

“Today proved that if you eat plant foods, the body receives all vitamins, it is able to be attached to any type of food. I believe that all people need to think” – said the artist.

TAYANNA also admitted that vegetarianism has made adjustments in the dishes which she puts on the Christmas table:

“Before I became a vegetarian on new year’s table was, and Olivier, and coat. Now I also cook Olivier, but vegetarian. Instead of potatoes take a sweet potato, soy or wheat sausage, homemade mayonnaise, cucumbers – that’s you and Olivier. In fact, food is not important. When you gather all the family together – that is a real feast!”, – admitted TAYANNA backstage Christmas show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”.

Recall that the producer of the holiday show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!” was Herman Nenov. For each artist the project team has prepared a brilliant performance. Spectators waiting rooms with the use of modern multimedia technology, augmented reality, mass production with the participation of more than fifty people. Many of the rooms will be very risky and even dangerous. The production of the ambitious project has been the company Star Media.