Taylor swift chipped in education canadian student (PHOTO)


Тейлор Свифт скинулась на обучение канадской студентке (ФОТО)

For IISI the hurr, student at the University of Ontario and a big fans of Taylor swift, life just became much easier.

Swift sent via PayPal on Monday $6,386.47 resident Missisauga, Ontario, Iise the hurr that social networking site Tumblr, published at the weekend, the message that is experiencing difficulties with paying their education.

The hurr met with the star after a concert in Toronto on August 3 last year behind the scenes. Swift often communicates with his fans online, and then she noticed the hurr and was invited to meet, because she liked the posts girls.

20-year-old hurr studies at the University of Waterloo financial management, she needs to move on to the second course. However, as she says, she didn’t know what to do, as her parents could not afford to pay for the second year of study. Then she decided to ask for help online.

After she complained on the social network Tumblr that she doesn’t have enough money for training because it is too expensive, one of her friends suggested a way out.

“One of my friends said, “You should put your PayPal so we can help you.” And I thought, “well, it’s a good idea, I must try.” And then I did it. And then I literally had no more problems.”

The hurr says that baking cookies when I got a notice from Taylor Nation LLC about online money transfer. The message that accompanied the translation reads: “Ayesha, girl, just keep studying! Love you. Taylor!”

The hurr said that he could not believe what happened to her, it was so special, she cried all night, thinking about the fact that she Taylor swift sent her money to help.

Mom Eiichi chronic liver disease, and in this regard, and the lack of money the family hurr experienced severe emotional stress. And as IESE this year allocated less scholarship program student aid Ontario, and the amount of tuition fees increased, in the end she had to pay almost $9,000.

And due to the conversion of Taylor swift most of the financial problems gone. The hurr said that now Taylor for her – the best man on the planet.

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