Taylor swift has canceled a concert at the Melbourne Cup after protests of defenders of animals

Taylor swift took the decision to cancel the concert planned for the Melbourne Cup. This happened after mass protests involving animal rights activists.

Тейлор Свифт отменила концерт на Кубке Мельбурна после протестов защитников животных

Horse racing in Australia will be held on 5 November, a guest of the event was to be Taylor swift, but recently, it was reported that the singer refused to speak. The organizers of the event explained the absence of the performer changes in its tour schedule, noting that the music stars in the country is unlikely to expect before 2020.

Some media linked the decision Taylor swift with the protests of animal rights activists who urged the singer to refuse to support the Cup, because there exploit horses. Social activists even celebrities expressed their gratitude for the support, although she does not recognize that the cancellation of a concert associated with these events.