Taylor swift received a magnificent gift from a loved one

29-year-old singer Taylor swift celebrated her part in the evening musical and humorous program “Saturday night live” in new York restaurant “Zuma”. Taylor was not alone: the singer was accompanied by her boyfriend Joe Alvin, with whom she meets from 2017.

Тейлор Свифт получила роскошный подарок от любимого

But the most remarkable in the appearance of swift was that she had seen a new diamond ring, which many thought an engagement or even a wedding! However, although the ring was on the ring finger, there is one “but”: the right hand. At the same time, in America most couples are attributes such as engagement or marriage on his left hand. So it is unlikely that ring is a sign that Taylor has already given Joe agreed to become his lawful wife. However, as far as we know, that jewel gave to the singer it was her favorite. And even if he has not yet made a swift offer, then, as sure of his friends, it will happen in the near future. About it reported TMZ.

Rumors about the forthcoming wedding Taylor and Joe go for a long time. So, in June of this year, 29-year-old insider publication National Enquirer reported that the singer decided to hold a secret ceremony to which are invited only the closest friends. It was reported that she had sent out invitations to the wedding. However, the postcards that were swift summons to his friends for a party in honor of the July 4th holiday, Independence Day. Although almost all friend the singer was sure that they were invited to the wedding, it turned out that it was just a party on the beach in Rhode island.

Recall that Alvin and swift began Dating for more than two years ago. But their relationship, the pair was kept secret, even the paparazzi in this time managed to catch the stars along a few number of times. So all periodically wondered whether swift and Joe are still together. So now, when she again appeared with him in public, even with the ring on her finger, fans were delighted at the swift.