Teachers call for better working conditions

Teachers demand better working conditions


Teachers affiliated with the Federation of Teachers' Unions are demanding an improvement in their working conditions, which could help counter the shortage in the school network.  

After the Autonomous Federation of Education last week, it is the turn on Monday of the unions representing the school environment affiliated with the Central Trade Unions of Quebec to file their demands.  

A new round of negotiations is beginning with the Legault government, as their collective agreements expire at the end of March 2023. 

The Federation of Education (FSE-CSQ) is calling for better working conditions to improve the daily lives of the some 70,000 teachers it represents. 

To achieve this, we must review the composition of the class, lighten the workload of teachers and adjust the size of student groups, according to the union federation. 

Expectations are high, while Premier François Legault affirmed that education remains “the priority of priorities” of his new government. 

“If education is really the priority of priorities, it must take concrete action to promote student success and put an end to the shortage! Teachers are overloaded with all kinds of tasks that distract them from their primary mission. What they want is for us to improve teaching conditions,” said the president of the FSE-CSQ, Josée Scalabrini, in a press release. 

More than details to come…