Teachers can go on strike later this month – 93% “for” (PHOTO)

Преподаватели могут выйти на забастовку уже в этом месяце – 93% “за” (ФОТО)

The main Union representing employees of the education sector in Ontario, voted to go on strike, and 93% chose termination to the end of the month and fight for their rights.

Canadian Union workers of public education (CUPE) said that 93% of the 55,000 members voted to hold a legal strike since September 30.

Union representatives also noted that they tried to negotiate with the Ontario government and avoid the strike, however, recent changes in the provincial education system showed them that it was all in vain.

Innovations include increasing the number of students in classes, scheduling-oriented models of online learning and a gradual reduction in the number of teachers.

Such changes in the education system introduced the progressive conservative government under Premier Doug Ford.

The President of CUPE has said that Union members are ready to leave work to oppose the cuts that will jeopardize the quality of education in Ontario schools.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce encourages all parties (parents, employees and the government) to reach agreement that there was some predictability and confidence in the learning process. He noted that the government will continue to negotiate.