Teachers of the primary schools will begin a strike on November 26 (PHOTO)

Учителя начальных школ начнут забастовку 26 ноября   (ФОТО)

The Union representing teachers in the public primary schools of the province, said his employees are preparing to start a campaign of “work-strictly-by-the-book” at the end of this month.

In a press release published on Thursday, the Federation of elementary school teachers of Ontario (ETFO) announced that, starting today, they will organize “a series of meetings on the ground” to prepare its members to strike Tuesday, November 26.

“The action concerns the administrative tasks of the Ministry and the school Board and will not affect students,” – said in a press release.

ETFO President Sam Hammond said they want to “advance” to warn parents and students about the strike.

“ETFO members will not participate in the administrative activities mandated by the Ministry and the school Board, which will give them more time to focus on working with students,” said Hammond.

“Our goal is to increase pressure on Prime Minister Ford and his education Minister Steven Lecce. It is crucial that they finally sat down at the negotiating table configured to address real issues of concern: more support for students with special needs, protection program kindergartens Ontario and critical issues such as combating violence in schools”.

Last week, ETFO, which represents 83000 teachers in government primary schools, temporary teachers and specialists in the field of education, announced that the negotiations with the province, despite the participation of a mediator, was not a success, which gives the Union a legitimate reason to go on strike from November 25.

The Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario, whose efforts to find a compromise failed, could announce the beginning of the strike from November 18.

Teachers working in the education system, the English Catholic schools of the province, also recently held a vote to find out that 97% of the strike.

“Parents, teachers and professionals in education know that the government program cuts in public schools is harmful to the education and future of our students. We take those legal measures available to us to achieve a more favorable agreement for staff and students, which will help to keep the education system in Ontario that meets international standards,”said Hammond.

“As announced on 1 November, by an overwhelming majority of 98%, it was decided to go on strike, in connection with which ETFO is mobilizing its teachers and education workers to strike after 12 days.”

The province has not yet publicly commented on the news, but last week, Lecce, told Newstalk 1010 that it is regrettable that the unions have decided to move in this direction.