Team “eagle and tails” is not able to fly from Indonesia

Part of the crew of the travel show “heads and tails. Wonders of the world” stuck in the Indonesian province of Papua, since there is a popular uprising, reports the with reference on the Country.

Команда «Орла и решки» не может вылететь из Индонезии

One part of the group “eagle and tails” led by presenter Anton Zaitsev has finished shooting and had to fly to Jakarta. And the departure of the second group accompanies leading Alina Ostrovsky, was scheduled for the evening of September 23.

This morning, however, hundreds of people took to the streets of the city of Wamena in protest against accusations of racism. For mass actions, it blocked the movement of public transport, suspended operation of the airport. In the city there is no Internet and mobile connection is intermittent.

Alina Ostrowska, Director Jaroslav Andrushchenko, operator Paul Policy and producer Julia Spaceloc become hostages of the situation. So far, they may not depart from the breakaway region.

According to the Director, the “eagle and tails”, the TV was a 10-minute drive from the airport Wamena when the perimeter of the saw puffs of smoke. At the same time, local residents began to block the streets with branches and all that is at hand. There were people with guns and the police.

“The crew was forbidden to leave the hotel and remove the events. The day the police broke up part of the rebels, but now, towards evening, around again heating up the situation: people go out with guns, with machetes. Yet understanding, when the situation will be under police control and will reopen the airport,” reported from the scene Andrushchenko.