Team Formula 1 “Red bull” wanted to specifically infect their pilots cov

Команда Формулы-1 "Ред Булл" хотела специально заразить своих пилотов коронавирусом

Helmut Marko

Sports consultant team in Formula 1 – Red bull Helmut Marko said that he wanted to arrange a meeting of all the pilots of “Red bull”, including the child pilot of the team Toro Rosso – max Verstappen, Alex Elbon, Daniil Kvyat and Pierre went Out, and specifically infect them with coronavirus.

However, this idea is not found support in the team.

“I have four pilots in the Formula and either eight or ten juniors – quoted interview to TV channel ORF Motorsport. And I had the idea to organize a camp where they could spend time without racing. And it would be the perfect time to get sick. They are all young healthy guys. So when the race starts, they will already be well prepared for perhaps the biggest championship in history.

Unfortunately, the idea took cold.”

While 76-year-old Marco continues to call the threat of coronavirus overrated. He sports consultant to Red Bull previously admitted that he considers himself ill with the virus in February.

Earlier, Formula 1 has canceled the first 8 races of the season 2020.