Teammate Zinchenko was expelled from England (photo)

Одноклубника Зинченко выгнали из сборной Англии (фото)

Forward “Manchester city” and England’s Raheem sterling will not help the national team in the match of UEFA Euro 2020 with Montenegro, which will be held November 14 at London’s famous Wembley.

As The Guardian reports, 24-year-old striker was suspended from participation in the meeting by the decision of the coaching staff of the team. The reason — in a skirmish player in the national squad with the Liverpool defender Joe Gomez. According to the publication, Stirling, who was still on edge after a meeting held the day before the match of English Premier League against Liverpool (1:3), decided to continue the showdown with Gomez, with whom he had a conflict during Sunday’s game.

Одноклубника Зинченко выгнали из сборной Англии (фото)

Following the incident, apologies have not helped rahimu to avoid dismissal from the England game.

“First and foremost I want to say that everyone knows how this match is important to me. Also everyone knows that I am not inclined to behave in a similar way. Joe and I discussed it and we’ll move on. Football is a sport where emotions reach the limit, and I am man enough to admit that at some point they overwhelmed me. With Gomez we’re getting along well, and both understand that this was the case for 5–10 seconds. It’s all over now, and we are not going to develop the story. Let’s focus on the match on Thursday,” wrote Raheem sterling in Instagram.

Ironically, sterling was a pupil of the… Liverpool and played for the main team of the club in the 2012–2015, and then moved to the “my Teams” for of 63.7 million euros.

Recall that the native of Jamaica Raheem sterling is defending the colours of the national team of England in 2012 (debuted 17-year-old!) and since then, in 55 games he scored 12 goals. Authoritative portal transfermarkt. de estimates the cost of 24-year-old footballer in 140 million euros.


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