Teddy bear saved the life of a mortally wounded American

Плюшевый медведь спас жизнь смертельно раненому американцу

Employee emergency saved the life of a man with a gunshot wound with a Teddy bear in the us state of Chicago. This was reported by the ABC 7 Chicago.

The man was riding in the car with his wife and three year old daughter, when a stray bullet wounded him in the face. At this time passing nurse urgent care Ivan Escobar, who rushed to help the wounded.

He saw next to the man the Teddy bear, picked it up and pressed it to the wound to stop the bleeding. Despite the severe wound, the American remained conscious and talked to the nurse.

Now the doctors are positive about his chances of recovery. Escobar called it a “divine act” and expressed hope to meet with the rescued someday.