Teenager died of medical error? A family claims $265,000 from a doctor at the CLSC de St-Marc-des-Carrières

Teenager died of medical error? A family is claiming $265,000 from ; a doctor from the CLSC of St-Marc-des-Carrières


The family of a teenager who died three hours after being hospitalized with a malaise at Donnacona High School believe their son would still be alive if the doctor had not taken three hours before transferring the patient to the CHUL.  

In April 2019, he was found, lying and confused, in the toilets of Donnacona secondary school while participating in a physical education class. His mother, who worked at this school, had rushed to the scene to accompany Alexandre, who was speaking at the time, by ambulance to the CLSC de St-Marc-des-Carrières. 

This is Dr. Lucien Houde who analyzed Alexandre's case when he arrived at the CLSC at 3:03 p.m. While asking the mother a few standard questions, the doctor reportedly reported cold sweat pneumonia saying “it was rare, but it could happen”.  

The brew was coming out of the nose

A solute was then administered to the patient who wanted to be “a strong antibiotic” to treat a powerful bacteria in the lung according to what is written in the motion to institute proceedings filed with the Superior Court. The teenager who was making “jokes with his father” just before would have seen his heart rate increase rapidly.  

Alexandre would have said “I am not able to breathe” then his heart stopped and brew came out of his nose. Dr. Houde would then have made the decision to transfer the young man to the CHUL since intubation was impossible, as was resuscitation. 

 The family says they do not understand why “they did not hurry to send it to the CHUL”. The teenager remained between 3:03 p.m. and 6:02 p.m. under the responsibility of Dr. Houde “that is 3 precious hours lost before connecting him to the heart-lung machine”.  

Alexandre had no heartbeat heart upon his arrival at CHUL and he was declared brain dead on April 26, 2019.  

According to a medical expert consulted by Alexandre's family, “two major points” led to Alexandre's death. “Initially the erroneous diagnoses of Dr. Lucien Houde” and “the time elapsed” before connection to the heart-lung machine. 

An amount of $265,000 is therefore claimed from doctor Lucien Houde and the CLSC of St-Marc-des-Carrières. The Journal consulted the coroner's report that the teenager died of a myocardial infarction while suffering from a congenital coronary artery defect. “The occurrence of the infarction in the minutes following the administration of the antibiotic is only fortuitous,” wrote coroner Sophie Régnière, who made no recommendation.  

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