Tehran launched 30 new centrifuges for uranium enrichment (PHOTO)

Тегеран запустил 30 новых центрифуг для обогащения урана (ФОТО)

Iran launched dozens of new IR-6 centrifuges for uranium enrichment and significantly increased production of low-enriched uranium for its plants. On Monday the head of the atomic energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi.

“Today we are launching a cascade of 30 new advanced IR-6 centrifuges for uranium enrichment”, – quotes its words TV and radio broadcasting Corporation Irib. Salehi added that the production of low-enriched uranium over the past two months has increased in the country 10 times, reports TASS.

“We were not going to take such steps, he noted, but the erroneous policy of Washington [against Tehran] forced us to do it.”

The future of the Iranian nuclear deal was called into question after the unilateral US withdrawal from the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of may 8, 2018 and the introduction of sanctions by Washington against Tehran in the sphere of oil export. In may 2019, Iran announced that the first stage suspend the execution of the obligations on the nuclear deal (on the termination of 60 days of sales of enriched uranium). In July, Tehran has proceeded to the second stage of the suspension (announced the enrichment of uranium over 3.67%) and has promised to reduce obligations every 60 days, if the other parties fail to abide by agreements reached.

On 6 September, the Islamic Republic announced that it had initiated the third phase of reduction commitments under the nuclear deal and refused to restrictions on research activities. The international atomic energy Agency on 8 September reported that the Iranian authorities had informed him about the beginning of the research and development of new centrifuges. Some time ago, Tehran said that it is developing measures that will constitute the fourth phase of reduction of its commitments under the deal.