Television: here are six shows to advise you on your finances

Television: Here are six shows to advise you on your finances


Inflation, recession, overbidding, rising rates, big words that affect our portfolio and our choices. Even if it is arid, it is important to talk about economics and to have basic knowledge of it. Ignorance is an open door to abuse and misinformation. In this age of uncertainty, some shows are there to popularize concepts and information, to educate us in some way and guide us so that we can make informed choices.

The grocery store

Johane Despins

It has now been 20 years since The grocery storeenlightens us in our choices. While it may have seemed trivial at first to dedicate 30 minutes of content each week to such a banal gesture as grocery shopping, the magazine has become a staple and has no shortage of new topics. After all, you have to eat three times a day. The reports have allowed us to evolve both in our purchases and in our diet. We discovered new foods there, we opened up to new flavors, we attended test benches to avoid bad purchases, we also benefited from meetings with specialists. Eating is both essential, but also cultural, political, social and economic. This season, Myriam Fehmiu has taken over from Denis Gagné as co-host of the show, while Johane Despins remains faithful to the position. The price comparison and good deals in the end-of-issue flyers are must-haves for many of this magazine's devotees.

Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé

It's worth the cost

It's worth the cost

This consumer magazine gives us the means to put things into perspective when it comes to spending. Marie-Soleil Michon and her team act as informed consumers by offering reports in order to analyze the essential criteria for a thoughtful purchase, to find options to satisfy a need and to discover new products that are often useful and sometimes simply more futile or targeted.  

Marie-Soleil Michon

We are interested in all aspects of our daily lives, from choosing a vacuum cleaner to renting a chalet, including the ingredients of a good shampoo, buying good knives, acquiring a car without be fooled. Test benches are widely consulted references. The tone is friendly, the information clear. We also like the editorials by well-known personalities and the emphasis on everything local in order to encourage local producers.

Monday 7:30 p.m. on Télé-Québec

On your business

Pierre-Olivier Zappa

Listening to the public is one of the advantages of this daily program hosted by Pierre-Olivier Zappa. Before becoming news anchor, he became known for his approachability and his talent for popularizing economic concepts. He is close to people. Every day, he answers questions from viewers in an open line format. The show also goes into the field. Zappa finds itself at the heart of a grocery store as well as a factory. We highlight the successes of an employer, we reflect on the labor shortage and the exodus of young people, we explain, among other things, the increase in snow removal rates, the advantages of loyalty cards, the ways of save on our mortgage and much more.

Monday to Friday 6:30 p.m. at LCN

The McSween Index

Pierre-Yves McSween

Pierre-Yves McSween made a name for himself thanks to his ability to popularize arid economic concepts and his humor. Probably because it doesn't have the look of the austere clichés associated with finance and accounting. This economic magazine is in its image: colorful and accessible. The topics are summarized there. It also highlights and challenges ways of doing things. The host enlightens us with his chronicles and his encounters. His young alter egos prove that certain concepts can become child's play. The economy and personal finance flirt with the legal, but also with ethics and real estate. The impact of taxes on overtime, a separation on RRSPs, the battered environment on the economy, the advantages and disadvantages of working from home, living with your parents, selling or doing renovations, adopting a pet, the explanation of new banking products, guarantees, insurance, meetings with the great builders of our economy, but also with anthropologists who revisit ways of doing things. The McSween Index has this Bubbly side with less hermetic content that we should all be aware of. 

Thursday 7:30 p.m. on Télé-Québec< /strong>

The invoice

François Sanche

Another show whose longevity proves relevance. The magazine now hosted by François Sanche is in its 27th season. Its goal: to demystify economic concepts, to help us think about our consumption, but above all to keep us informed of our rights. Every week, viewers call on the team because they've been shortchanged in some way. We are reminded of the importance of contracts and of a clear relationship between consumer and merchant, but also with public services and businesses. Although the show is based more on the experiences of ordinary people, capsules allow us to set the record straight on preconceived ideas and questions of the week allow us to challenge our knowledge. Recently, there has been talk of billing problems, negligence by health professionals, false discounts… 

Tuesday 7:30 p.m. on ICI TV

Economy zone

Gérald Filion

Gérald Filion has become a must when it comes to finances. Through the chronicles he writes on television and on the radio, he informs and demystifies. If it informs us daily about the stock market price, it also comes to take an economic look at almost all aspects of our lives. Those who want to push the reflection a little further can tune in to the program he hosts daily and during which he receives experts, analysts and business leaders who take a sharp look at the news. The economy is everywhere, in our consumption, of course, but also in politics and in practically every decision we make. Thus, Economy Zone deals with price increases, forecasts, the impact of the withdrawal of sponsors on a controversial sports association, the increase in immigration thresholds and the minimum wage. .

Monday to Friday 6 p.m. on RDI