Tenants in Ontario continued arbitrarily evicted (PHOTOS)

Квартиросъемщиков в Онтарио продолжают безосновательно выселять  (ФОТО)

Housing conditions in Ontario often pose a problem. Expensive rent, limited availability of housing is a very complicate living in the province. But new research shows that tenants have to worry not only about high rents. It turned out that with the 2015-16 fiscal year, the number of evicted tenants in Ontario increased by 294%, and not because they did something wrong.

The reason tenants are kicked out, is that more and more landlords want to remove extra foam from a real estate bubble in major cities such as Toronto. And in cities like Hamilton rental prices are much higher than before.

The rapid growth of the rent is an incentive for landlords to evict their tenants in order to put the objects on the market at a higher price (maintaining the rapid growth of the rent).

The advocacy centre for tenants Ontario (ASTO) has published its report on the affordability of housing in Ontario, which stated that the actions landlords are the reason why the percentage of evictions rolls.

The cases when the owner asks the tenants to move out because he wants to use the room, also grew by 84%. These objects are often offered for sale, even if it was demanded under the pretext that the landlord would use them for personal purposes.

The offer of affordable housing has declined significantly. Since 2006 in Ontario, the number of apartments with rents less than $1,000 decreased by 26%. In Toronto, things are even worse here, the figure dipped to 36%.

Meanwhile, according to the report, the number of housing units that rent at prices above $1,500, raised in Toronto at 323%.

In this regard, ASTO urge the government to take measures limiting the increase in rent, in which they blame the lack of oversight in this area.

They also recommend the government to establish a provincial programme for the prevention of eviction to protect law-abiding tenants to which the landlord imposes a requirement to vacate the premises, to not having any reason to.

In Ontario, when a tenant moves out, the lessor can set any price for housing. However, if the tenant continues to rent, the rent can only be increased by a small percentage every few years.

This is probably one of the reasons why an increasing number of evictions and increased rents.

But it’s not only increasing the rent, but the landlord lost the need to invest in your property, which means that the property is aging, becoming more old and more expensive.