Tens of thousands of Americans twice received the financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus

While lawmakers consider another round of payments in connection with the coronavirus, many US residents have already received the money twice by mistake, says Fox Business.

Десятки тысяч американцев дважды получили финпомощь в связи с коронавирусом

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Lawmakers are working to potentially produce another round of payments for financial support of Americans, but new data show that some people mistakenly received two checks during the first round.

According to a recently published report, the inspector General of the Treasury tax administration, about 98% of the payments made to the IRS were correct. This means that almost 154 million of the 157 million cheques issued on the date 21 may, was accurate.

Others, however, were either inaccurate in quantity or were sent to people who are not eligible for these payments.

According to the report, one of the difficulties is that tens of thousands of people got double payments.

As of may 21, about 46 760 people mistakenly received the two payments that totaled more than $ 69 million. Among them are people who filed a joint income tax return married in 2018, and self-Declaration in 2019, and Vice versa.

The IRS is asking those people to voluntarily return duplicate payments.

Another 1.2 million payment (less than 1% of the 157 million) were sent to dead or prisoners.

In addition, 309 601 payment was made to people who were probably residents of the United States.

Meanwhile, some people eligible for payments still not received. Among these people, more than 1.3 million beneficiaries of social security administration and veterans.

Previously, administration officials and senior lawmakers-Republicans said that possible another round of payments in connection with the coronavirus.



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