Tens of thousands of dollars: how much it will cost Americans treatment COVID-19

When in late February, Danny Askin started to feel chest pain, shortness of breath and a migraine at the same time, she called the oncologist who treated her lymphoma. She was sent to the emergency room in Boston (mA), considering these symptoms are a reaction to a new medication. There the doctors said it was most likely pneumonia and sent her home. Writes about this Time.

Десятки тысяч долларов: во сколько американцам обойдется лечение COVID-19

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Over the next few days the temperature at Askini sharply increased and decreased, she started coughing. On the seventh day of the disease, after two visits to the emergency room, the doctors helped her cope with the symptoms of the flu and pneumonia and sent her home. It took another three days, and only then was diagnosed with COVID-19.

A few days Askini received bills for testing and treatment: $34 927,43.

“I was very shocked,’ she says. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has that kind of money.”

Like 27 million other Americans, Askini was not insured when I first got to the hospital. She and her husband planned to move to Washington (D.C.), so she could get a new job. Askini applied to receive Medicaid and hoped that the programme will cover her bills. If not, it will be on the hook.

The public health experts predict that in the foreseeable future, tens of thousands and perhaps millions of people in the United States are likely to be hospitalized for treatment COVID-19. And Congress has yet to address the problem. On March 18, he had adopted a Law on the response to infection of the population by a coronavirus , which involves further expenses for testing, but does nothing to cover the cost of treatment.

While most people infected with COVID-19, do not need hospitalization and can recover at home, according to the world health organization, for those who really need to go to ICU, you may have to expect large bills, regardless of insurance.

How much is the admission for COVID-19?

Due to the fragmented health care system it all depends on what insurance do you have, what are the benefits of your plan and what amount has been paid.

According to a new analysis of the Kaiser family Foundation, the average cost of treating COVID-19 for a person who has insurance employer — and without complications — would be about $9 763. For treatment of the disease with complications will need to pay twice more — $20 292. The researchers found these amounts, examining the average cost of hospitalization for people with pneumonia.

How much of this you have to pay?

Many private health insurance plans cover the majority of services required to treat complications.

Researchers at Kaiser found that the cost of treatment of any severity of illness for the insured by the employer will amount to about $1 300.

Many health insurance plans also require co-payments. These costs often amount to 15-20% to pay for physician services, working in network, and much more if they are not covered by insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid will probably cover all the services necessary for the treatment of a coronavirus, but the details and potential additional payments will depend on your plan and what state you reside.

What if no insurance?

Some hospitals offer charity care, and some States are taking steps to help residents to pay the cost of treatment COVID-19. Several States, including Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, new York, Rhode island and Washington have created a “special enrollment periods” to allow more people to get insurance in the middle of the year.

The Commonwealth Foundation, analytical center in the field of health, there is a tracker coronavirus, which stores a list of steps that each state have already done.

What can you do if you can’t afford to pay for treatment?

For the US healthcare system is the problem. But we should remember a few things that can help to minimize costs.

If you think you may have a virus, first thing call your doctor or emergency room. This will give you instructions and prepare the room, and will also help save your money.

Other fees associated with “fee for services”, which many hospitals charge each time the patient is in the hospital. For example, for the first trip, Danny Askin to the hospital in Boston on February 29 she was charged $1 804, for the use of emergency departments another $3 841,07 for “hospital services”.

Other costs that you should pay attention to include laboratory tests, which may be “out of coverage”, even if the attending physician is in your insurance network. It is always better to request information in writing so you could, if necessary, to appeal account. Often, the providers and the insurers waive or reduce bills when patients give publicity to their stories, and fabulous sums for treatment.

These problems do not appear suddenly. Even when we are experiencing a global pandemic, Americans face a uniquely high health care costs compared to the rest of the world, and millions have postponed medical care because of concerns as to how much it will cost. But with the advent of COVID-19 across the country, the old issue is becoming more important: many Americans can still face large bills for treatment or try to prevent them by avoiding testing and treatment, which will further aggravate the outbreak.

“If someone is sick, he must face obstacles to treatment, says Caitlin Donovan from the National Fund to protect the interests of patients. — this causes people not to go to the doctor, to go to work and infect more people.”

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