Tens of thousands of dollars: how much will it cost treatment COVID-19

Americans spent thousands of dollars on medical bills when they need treatment COVID-19 — with insurance or without it. And those who were hospitalized or caring for the sick, delayed bill payments, credit card payments, mortgage and spent his savings to afford treatment. This writes Fox Business.

Десятки тысяч долларов: во сколько может обойтись лечение COVID-19

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Broadway star Nick Cordero died at the age of 41, after spending nearly four months in the hospital fighting COVID-19. A day earlier, his wife Amanda Kloots published in social networks information about the need of refinancing their homes to help pay for the cost of treatment. A family friend created a page in the portal GoFundMe in order to cover medical expenses Cordero with the goal of raising $400 000. He got almost 5,000 donations, collecting $813 507.

Family Cordero — one of the millions who are experiencing emotional and burdensome financial costs of coronavirus. According to data released in April by the Kaiser family Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to medical issues, the hospital may be about 15% of people who got sick COVID-19. Data show that about 2 to 7 percent or from 670 000 to slightly more than 2 million uninsured people in need of hospitalization.

It was in the case of 40-year-old Tim Reganam from Denver, who turned to the emergency room in March, when he had fever, chest pain and shortness of breath. He went to the emergency room when the nurse told him that his symptoms COVID-19. Regan did a chest x-ray and electrocardiogram (ECG), but he said that he is not sick, to undergo a test for the coronavirus.

“The doctor told me that he is convinced that I have COVID-19,” said Regan.

Regan was worried that if he gets to the hospital, he will spend their money, so I continued to work from home while sick.

“I thought I should earn all the money that can, in the case that me and my family had to go to hospital”, — he said. Regan was afraid that might infect his wife and child.

A visit to the emergency room Rigano was billed at $3 278.

“The insurance company said they will not pay,” said Regan.

Medical bills for uninsured patients can vary from $42 486 to $74 310, according to the report, an independent, nonprofit organization FAIR Health. But even those who have insurance may be burdened with bills from $21 936 to $38 755.

“Even after you complete the course of treatment, you will have a bunch of financial issues. The amount may be $5000, $8000 and more,” said Patrick Quigley, CEO and co-founder of Sidecar Health, which provides personalized and affordable health insurance.

“The second problem is the network — if you go to the hospital, which is outside the network of your insurance company, your company is not responsible for these costs — they can help, but they have no contractual rates with these hospitals,” said Quigley.

Survivors who fought for their lives, receive shocking medical bills. Journalists reported on the case of Michael flora, 70-year-old man from Seattle, who received a hospital bill in the amount of $1.1 million, which included a 181-page costs.

Congress has appropriated more than $100 billion to help insurance companies and hospitals that are engaged in unprecedented spending on treatment during a pandemic COVID-19.



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