Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents joined hands and formed human chains along the three metro lines (PHOTO)


Десятки тысяч жителей Гонконга взялись за руки и образовали живые цепи вдоль трех веток метро (ФОТО)

On Friday evening, tens of thousands of activists in Hong Kong have formed kilometers-long human chains, holding hands. The campaign was called “Hong Kong way”. The participants passed along three metro lines – blue, green and red, the Agency TASS from the event. In the center of the city groups of protesters spread a banner reading “We want democracy”.

In General, the demonstration passes peacefully. The participants stand along the sidewalks with lit lanterns, singing songs and not trying to block the streets and alleys to traffic. The police refrains from the overclocking crowd.

“Hong Kong way” timed to the 30th anniversary of the mass action “the Baltic way”. On 23 August 1989, she has collected two million citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which formed a human chain stretching from Vilnius to Tallinn.

“The Baltic States showed the world that they are United. Hong Kong residents are also single. All of our five requirements must be met-especially important – universal suffrage,” wrote the authors of ideas in social networks.
At 19:15 local time (ahead of Moscow for 4 hours) Hong Kong opposition members formed a human chain stretching more than 30 km, involving 108 thousand. The crowd are not yet available.

In addition, the Supreme court of Hong Kong on Friday indefinitely extended the temporary court orders prohibiting protests in Hong Kong international airport, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to radio and television RTHK.

On August 13 the airport authority of Hong Kong appealed to the court with a request to issue appropriate regulations after the protesters blocked the work of one of the busiest airports in the world, the morning of 14 August a decree was obtained. It included a ban on holding protests and demonstrations at the airport except in designated two areas at the far end of the arrivals hall.

The August 13 hearing was held behind closed doors, but the meeting dedicated to the renewal of the resolution on Friday it was open.
More than two months ago in Hong Kong began mass protests initiated against local authorities bill, which aims to establish the mechanism of delivery from Hong Kong to mainland China for the prosecution of persons suspected of violating laws of China or under investigation. Under public pressure, the head of the local administration withdrew the bill from the agenda.

Opponents of the bill were unhappy and demanded a complete rejection of him, put forward an ultimatum to the authorities, which was not satisfied. Protests are increasingly violent and clashes with police continued.

Currently, the demonstrators put forward to the authorities five requirements: completely revoke the amendments to the extradition act, to cancel the use of the term “mass disorder” in protests against the June 12 release of all those arrested before the demonstrators, to conduct an independent investigation of police actions during the protests on June 12 to introduce universal direct elections of the head of the district administration and the Legislature.

The Consulate General of Russia before the protests regularly advises Russians to avoid crowded places in Hong Kong.