Teresa Lipowska in mourning. Sad news about the loss of a very loved one. Who is it about

The media circulated very sad news about Teresa Lipowska, who had lost a very close friend.

 Teresa Lipowska in mourning. Sad news about the loss of a very close person. Who is it about

It is no secret that actress Teresa Lipowska went through very difficult moments after losing her husband , which took place in 2006.

The spouses spent over 43 years together. Luckily, she had a lot of support in her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, as well as in her best friend, whom she treated like a sister.

An unforgettable loss. Another one in the life of Teresa Lipowska

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The seniors had been friends for years, and Teresa's foster sister, a little older, was always on the alert and provided support. When the government announced a lockdown and banned people from gathering during all holidays, which are a long tradition in our country, Teresa Lipowska experienced a real trauma when she could not visit her husband's grave during the All Saints' Day. She was also unable to attend the funerals of colleagues in the industry who were dying of power at one time.

The actress could also count on the support of her relatives, including her sister sister. Now the media reports that the actress reported an irreparable loss through one of the weekly magazines. As reported by Super Express, Teresa Lipowska's friends passed away as a result of a sudden stroke.

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During one of the interviews, the artist and longtime star of the series” M jak love “Teresa Lipowska, revealed the sad news about another traumatic loss in her life – I called her every day, and I came to her once a week. She could listen to me and that was the most important thing for me. We talked about everything: cooking, game shows, books – the actress sadly admitted, adding that she was cuddling with her friends, as she used to be with her mother, who is long gone.