Terms of closure in Ukraine nuclear power plants

Ukraine will have to gradually decommission the nuclear units in the next five to ten years.

Названы сроки закрытия в Украине атомных станций

It is reported portal “Hvilya” with reference to the statement by the acting head of the energy Ministry Olga Bukovec, said on air of TV program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”.

According to a statement by Olga Bukovec, decommissioning of nuclear power units of Ukraine can happen in five, high ten, years. Currently, such units in Ukraine, there are fifteen. At the same time the state lacks funds in order to solve this problem.

“In 5-10 years we will be forced to gradually decommission our nuclear units. So if we count in 15 blocks, it’s 200 billion hryvnias is necessary, we have only 5. Where to get 195 billion?”, — said Olga Bukovec.

The clerk drew attention to the fact that the period of operation of the nuclear units in the country is gradually coming to an end, and soon it will be completed. However, the budget still does not include funds needed to bring these units out of service.

According to Bukovec, some funding nuclear units occurs, however, it is too meager in order to make all necessary actions. Currently allocated about five billion.

“It’s almost $ 200 million. That is we for all this time is not accumulated even at the conclusion of one block. And we have 15 of them. So today we are exploited, but not including the costs for the future to safely do it” — summed up Olga Bukovec.