Tess Holliday shot himself in linen, and alarmed fans

Tess Holliday, one of the most complete models in the world, made a video in which appeared in their underwear in front of a mirror. This roller celebrity alarmed his fans.

Тесс Холлидей сняла себя в белье и встревожила фанатов

Video Holliday flicks his long hair and gradually goes to the mirror. She’s wearing underwear which is made in red, black and gold. In the description of the publishing model plus-size stated that it was custom-made by the designers of the brand Solstice.

Many fans of celebrities scared of the condition of her body. Some began to condemn the model in the promotion of obesity, so he asked Holliday to lose weight. There were those who called the appearance of the celebrity “painful”.

In the comments under the post showed up and the loyal fans of the model. They wrote that they would like the same confident. In a short time the video seen by thousands of people.