Test-drive the latest Harley-Davidson FXDR

Тест-драйв новейшего Harley-Davidson FXDR

Any new product from Harley-Davidson always attracts fans of the brand, even when it comes to easy restyling. What can we say about a fundamentally new model designed to break the urban space. Yes, that is what will make the latest overseas dragster.

The novelty has received not even a proper name, and the letter abbreviation of the FXDR. This powerful and brutal bike only one appearance is able to charm and evoke a storm of emotions, because it looks really impressive. And even the presence of some kind of plastic kit don’t be confused, because all the uniforms for the case.

Actually FXDR no chrome element, so familiar to the classic motorcycle brand. And what is a powerful air filter housing-the nulevik-style Screaming Eagle Heavy Breather called, or the unusual shape of the exhaust tube 2-in-1?

Besides, the designers have reduced the weight of the bike, through the use of components made of light alloys and composite materials. But we all still know from school: the less weight, the faster the car. Well, of course, FXDR is built on a new Softail frame, equipped with a front fork-shifter racing type, an elongated tank and, of course, a powerful engine V-Twin Milwaukee-Eight impressive capacity of 114 cubic inches (about 1.9 liters).

Though Motostroitel officially this fact is not confirmed, but the followers of the brand and style of Harley-Davidson believe that the model FXDR replaced withdrawn from the production line of V-Rod/Muscle. However, there is another engine was developed, as you know, in conjunction with Porsche engineers.

Typically, the dragster is straight like a stick in the wheel, which is called — Dragbar. In our case, the engineers went further and put clipon, thanks to them, the riding position was very daring, with fully outstretched arms and legs. In this position, Yes, coupled with “naked” authentic style, the soul and seeks to break urban space.

Yes, this bike is designed primarily for urban prokatov. If you go on it for the “long haul”, then most likely, your back after an hour and a half begging for mercy. Still, the city dragster — this is not a long-range Tourer. But on this unit you will not remain unnoticed — because of, as already mentioned, sharp and unexpectedly catchy style.

FXDR has rear suspension with easily adjustable monoshock: if the delay rotating under saddle large “bolt”, the motorcycle will turn into the full “biscuit” and I will start to bounce slightly on rough roads, like a grasshopper. Comfort in this case, of course, will not be enough.

If you relax and “stretch” the suspension completely, the gigantic rear wheel with a tire width of 240 mm will start scribbling on the mount plate. So personally I prefer to put settings in the middle of the intermediate regime and that, in my opinion, is quite enough — and for comfort and handling.

But that is no surprise is… leaky rear wing. More precisely, the wing slots.

What’s the catch designers could not understand, but I would venture to suggest that this motorcycle was created for warm States, like Florida and California. There, by the way, this is the wing to remove in principle, and ride in style a La bobber. Well, in our conditions, when on the second day I tired to scrub the dirt from the back and helmet, I simply used a hack — sealed all openings professional black metallic duct tape.

Yes, I can give one piece of advice: never drive on FXDR shorts for Metropolitan bikers often found guilty as charged, especially in the heat. The fact that a hefty motorcycle exhaust pipe dangerously close to the inner side of the right leg of the pilot, and burns a little, that thing is unpleasant and painful, and then they go for months.

Single bike-“selfish” — something stylish and beautiful, but you need to realize that there are nuances with practicality. In addition to her inability to put the second room is charming, the passenger will not be able to hang a no side cases, no top box-the”baton” on the wheel. So, the only alternative is a backpack and a small bag magnets tank.

However, the true element of Harley-Davidson FXDR is short spurts around town alone and light.