Test for antibodies to the coronavirus: do you need it to do

Many people who in recent months became ill with a respiratory illness, but didn’t test for coronavirus, wonder if they were infected, write CBS.

Тест на антитела к коронавирусу: нужно ли вам его делать

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It is known that thousands of people in the US could have had asymptomatic coronavirus. Now, Americans wonder if they already have antibodies and how to check it.

What is antibodies to the coronavirus and how accurate tests for their detection

Antibodies are special proteins that the human body develops to fight the virus. If in the blood are detected antibodies means a person is already ill with an infectious disease, although he could not know.

Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider of organization Sutter Health in San Francisco says that “the presence in the body of antibodies suggests that you have a virus or was vaccinated”. However, according to Dr. David Agus, a test for antibodies, which are now available for sale “are pure marketing and completely useless”, because at the moment coronavirus studied so little that you should not rely on the results of these tests.

Thus, tests with a high percentage of detecting a positive result can misinform people about the fact that they already have antibodies. The tests often give negative result is deceived many in fact that antibodies yet.

“In addition to the test that the FDA food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the latter, and which is known to be considered sufficiently clear and the other tests on the market are questionable,” says Ungerleider.

Monday, may 4, the FDA issued a statement that they will oblige manufacturers of tests, to apply for permission control on their sale within 10 days after product release. “Unfortunately, we see unscrupulous manufacturers who sell non-liquid test kits and use the pandemic as an opportunity to cash in on the fears of Americans,” — said in a statement the FDA.

Does the presence of antibodies that you have immunity to coronavirus

According to David Agus, even if the test can accurately detect antibodies, people who have them, can’t be 100% sure that they are already protected from the virus. The fact that the presence of antibodies does not always mean that you have developed immunity to the virus.

The expert says that the government can conduct mass testing of the population for the presence of antibodies to understand how many people ill. But to find out this way who don’t get sick again – it is impossible.

The next goal of the manufacturers of the tests will add to your product “led immunity”, but when it happens – is unknown.

The coordinator of the ad hoc group White house on the coronavirus Deborah birx said that the presence of antibodies and immunity is “different”. At the moment, research is underway that should determine immunity to the coronavirus or not.

“That’s why now, studies of blood plasma (component of blood of people, already ill by the coronavirus – Ed.) and its transfusion to the patients to see whether the antibodies the immune system and help you to recover. Also conducted vaccine trials“.

Dr. Ungerleider says that “we should not hurry with carrying out antibody tests”.

“The fact remains: we still don’t know how long are the antibodies and the extent to which people with antibodies indeed protected from re-infection by the virus SARS-CoV-2 “.

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