Test socket: a new challenge in the United States can kill

In Massachusetts started a very dangerous and according to investigators the fire brigade “stupid” challenge called outlet challenge, which means calling socket, writes Fox News.

Испытания розеткой: новый челлендж в США может убить

Photo: Depositphotos

The essence of this challenge is that participants inserted into the socket only part of the plug with a cord from a phone charger, and then try to cause a spark by touching a coin to the iron fork.

For this challenge there was a fire in the outlets in Holden and Plymouth, as well as fires in Westports Academy, where one student is facing criminal charges. Officials also warn of the danger of death from electric shock.

“Another problem might be that you damage electrical wiring behind the wall. Fire may be undetected and to burn the walls, endangering everyone in the building,” said fire chief Plymouth ed Bradley.

In the photo published fire service in Plymouth, after the recent incident connected a coin and plug the phone charger.

Испытания розеткой: новый челлендж в США может убить

Photo: Plymouth Fire Department

School Manager called the stunt “irresponsible act”.

“We work with departments of police and fire protection Plymouth, to fully understand this issue and to press charges to the full extent of the law”, — reads the statement of the superintendent Dr. Gary Maestas.

Parents are advised to monitor attempts to participate in the challenge and to talk with their children and teenagers about electrical and fire safety, the report said.