Testosterone on the ceiling!

Testosterone to the ceiling!


Okay, only five games have been played. Yes, there are 77 more to come. OK, don't get upset about the hair on the legs. Message understood! But let's admit that this formation of the Canadian has something surprising.

This is probably because it is in reconstruction mode, and in such circumstances, we do not expect much positive.

It's funny anyway.

When this organization was at the height of its glory, each defeat was seen as the end of the world. Now that she's not supposed to win too often, every victory is greeted as a great triumph.

But that's fine.

It shows that the amateurs were more willing to encourage a team in transition than senior management thought.

The youth shift should make us happy. 

Anyway, I like it. My position has been known for several years in this regard.

A team that spends its time patching will never win. Redemption goes through difficult times and there will be some.

But, for the moment, we are not bored.

The Canadian puts on a good show for people who go at the Bell Center. Martin St-Louis' troop paid the head of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins and their star players.

Thursday night, she made the Arizona Coyotes see all the colors led by our compatriot André Tourigny.

Caufield makes the crowd dance

The youngsters made the spectators jump during this meeting.

Cole Caufield is the Habs' most spectacular player since P.K. Subban and the most explosive forward since… Since Alex Kovalev, Stéphane Richer or even Guy Lafleur. 

Take your pick and let me know if you see any more.

There's a buzz in the stands when the teenage-looking little guy is in the offensive zone . When he shoots the net, the spectators are on the end of their seat.

His center player, Nick Suzuki, has a very smooth style of play. He is a fine passer and he too is able to thread the puck in the tightest spaces.

The goal he scored on a penalty shot on Thursday is going to be seen in Games of the Week, Games of the Month, Games of the Year and a host of other TV montages.

< p>A horse, this Xhekaj

Let's move on to Arber Xhekaj. 

The young man has a forehead all around his head!

It's quite a beating he gave Zack Kassian. He shook him like a rag as he pounded him.

Some did not like seeing him walk around with an index finger in the air after his fight. But several old-time brawlers, including friend Lyle Odelein, have done it their entire careers.

It's not a sin for an athlete to display their emotions. We should stop seeing the risk of affronts everywhere.

If the Coyotes retained the numbers of Xhekaj and Juraj Slafkovsky, who showed Josh Brown that he was very happy to have scored after having been hit hard by him, they will know how to defend themselves well. They have the physique to do it.

At their age, they have the testosterone to the ceiling!

Emotion is what you want to see in a hockey player and the newcomers to CH have it in spades.

A defining moment?

Maybe Slafkovsky needed that check from Brown to come out of his shell. You could see that he had been touched in his pride. He got up and reacted like a beast.

We saw the aggressiveness then the joy in his eyes after his first goal in the National League.

And that say Kaiden Guhle?

He plays with great confidence for a 20-year-old defender.

You have to tell yourself that there must be no more flowers left in my basket. When it's deserved, you have to give it.

Like many, I've thrown a lot more pots in recent years.

This club is refreshing and plays with the image of his trainer. The coach told me before training camp that it would be important for the team to get off to a good start. 

Martin St-Louis said he was sure there would be improvement. He didn't know if it would be a small or a big step forward.

At the moment, we can't complain about what we see. 

< strong>A big sports weekend 

It's a big sports weekend in Montreal. This afternoon, the Alouettes host the Toronto Argonauts for their last home game of the regular season. Tonight, the Dallas Stars are the visitors at the Bell Center.

And tomorrow afternoon, at Saputo Stadium, the MLS Eastern semi-final between New York City FC and CF Montreal.

A victory for the Alouettes would allow them to maintain the hope of finish first in the CFL's East Division. 

To get there, Danny Maciocia's squad would have to beat the “Argos” again. next weekend in Toronto.

During the first clash between the two clubs in June, David Côté had the victory at the end of the foot in the last moments. But he missed a 21-yard field goal attempt with 18 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Owner Gary Stern, who has since been stripped of his administrative powers, nearly passed out in a box at BMO Stadium.

Better luck to Maciocia and his gang.

Resale tickets

CF Montreal, who is enjoying his best season in MLS, is on a six-game unbeaten streak (5-0-1).

To watch tomorrow's game, you will have to go through resale sites .

Yesterday, on the Billets.ca website, prices varied between $144 and $340.

It was cheaper on GameTime with a price range ranging from $53 to $173. On SeatGeek, it ranged from $79 to $238.

With the CF on fire, the atmosphere will be at the max!

Testosterone to the ceiling!