Texan caught sea ‘monster’ with poisonous thorns: what kind of creature

While fishing on the pier Texan Alissa Ramirez decided that in her tangled clump of seaweed. Pulling it out she saw that the lump squirms — she caught a weird sea creature, which — as it turned out — it was very dangerous, writes USA Today.

Жительница Техаса поймала морского 'монстра' с ядовитыми шипами: что это за существо

Photo frame YouTube video/Pen News

“My mother and I looked at each other in disbelief, said Ramirez. — I laughed because it definitely wasn’t a fish.”

Ramirez was curious about what kind of creature, the girl took it on video and sent to the Department of parks and wildlife of Texas. She asked the officials to identify what she had caught. She said, it became clear that Ramirez is very lucky because she never touched this marine creature.

Turns out it was a fiery bristly worm can exude a potent neurotoxin of the tiny bristles on the sides. When human touch to the bristles can cause wounds that create a strong burning sensation, as if from fire, and the pain can last for hours.

“Fortunately, I didn’t have to touch him because it let go of my bait,’ said Ramirez. The way it moved and by the red color, I knew it can’t be touched. It spikes with red tips looked pretty dangerous. I put it on the railing of the pier, took video and photos… It’s a few minutes spun, and then itself fell into the water.”

Aposematism is a protective device which nature endows animals, so they can make it clear to the predators: there is a dangerous animal. In this case, indicators of aposematism bright colors and toxic tentacles.

A typically fiery bristly worm reaches a size of no more than a few inches in length, but one touch can be a big problem for humans and other creatures.

Fiery bristly worm found in warm, shallow waters in the Atlantic ocean, and around it, including in the Gulf of Mexico. He looks like a big fluffy caterpillar. His body may be green, orange or other bright color, and little bunches of white bristles covering its sides, creating a “fuzzy” appearance.

The creature was “a good 3 inches (over 7.6 cm) in length,” said Ramirez, and she obviously liked the amazing Maritime find. Fortunately, a strange sea creature was not the only thing that Ramirez and her mother caught that day, they also managed to tighten a couple not so exciting, but quite safe fish.