Texas vs. California: how to live in the cheapest and most expensive States

Author channel InTrend. Today on “Yandex.Zen” told what the conditions of life in the cheapest and most expensive States of the USA. Hereinafter in the first person.

Техас vs Калифорния: как живется в самом дешевом и самом дорогом штатах США

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Hi, friends!

Today I decided to talk about how Americans live in the cheapest and most expensive States of the USA. And is it true that in Texas, even a minor carry a gun, and in California the largest number of homeless?


Let’s start our journey with Texas, that many associated with intolerable heat, cowboy boots and Mexican cuisine. And personally, I have the movie “Texas chainsaw massacre”.

Texas is the cheapest state in America, which until 1845 was an independent state. I note that many today consider themselves citizens of a separate country and a third of the car flaunts the flag of the “lone star”. And the car is almost every Texan, as it is a necessity. Every day people have to travel great distances, so every kid on her 16th birthday, waiting for a car.

Indeed, in this state dominated by Mexican cuisine. However, over time it evolved under the influence of the American and now it is called “Tex-Mex”. Most here like barbecue, which satisfied on every occasion as a perfect complement to a juicy steak is considered to be Texas chili. By the way, the first Burger was prepared here.

The cowboy state is the NASA space center, the headquarters of the Boeing company, and also produces 32% of all black gold reserves in the country. Here is the cheapest housing in America: for example, renting an apartment will cost you $ 1,000 per month. A luxury apartments you can buy for $ 200,000.

The minimum salary starts from $ 8 per hour and a full lunch will cost you $ 45 for two . Most of the local pays 10% of its profits to the churches.

What else can you say about the Texans? They love football. It is common to build high school stadiums are huge in size, not sparing money for that. And with the arms goes half of the citizens, as they like to collect. Most girls under the age of 18 years, easily coping with the use of a shotgun. The most common animals — bats.

It is also true that favorite pair of shoes Texans — cowboy boots. Wear them in any weather and at any time of the year. Despite the fact that the clothes are cheap enough for the quality of the boots will have to pay about $ 500. But it’s worth it. And the heat here is really not for wimps. Sometimes even at night to hide. Hurrah for air conditioning!


Now let’s discuss life in the most expensive US state. Here, as in Texas, decided to ride a private car. However, the climate is more gentle, and the beach and ocean can’t leave indifferent any traveler.

In California mixed cuisine (American, Mexican, and Asian). The most common dishes — tacos and burritos, and of course, seafood, lots of seafood. In addition, this state is the birthplace of McDonald’s.

But life is really expensive. Minimum wage — $ 11 per hour. Rent a small apartment will cost you $ 1,500 a month. Lunch — $ 65 for two. A family with income below the 52 $ 100 is considered poor and receive public assistance.

Despite the social assistance and charitable organizations in California incredibly high level of homeless: 26% of all waifs USA! They sleep on the sidewalks and build tents on the beaches. Assistance in the amount of $ 714 not enough to pay expenses.

The majority of the unemployed and homeless Americans who lost their homes by court order, as they are unable to pay as a result of rising prices, and adopted children, escaped to the street.

What else interesting can I tell about this state? California — the most multi-ethnic state and all the California coast is a national monument. Here grows the tallest tree in the world (115 meters) in the town of Livermore is a light bulb burning for over 100 years.

There is a huge amount of fun, developing IT-technologies, aircraft industry and agriculture.

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