Texas was hit by hurricane Hannah: injured border wall trump

As hurricane Hannah descended on Texas with a speed of almost 145 km per hour, the Governor Greg Abbott has issued a warning about the state of emergency for the 32 districts of the state. This writes the Euro News.

На Техас обрушился ураган Ханна: пострадала пограничная стена Трампа

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Greg Abbott also said that the hurricane will become an additional problem for emergency services due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus.

A severe storm with rain can cause a tornado. It is planned to open several hundred evacuation shelters across the state.

The first time a hurricane category 1 on land occurred to the North of Port Mansfield, in 209 miles South of Corpus Christi, the second — in the Eastern district of Kennedy.

Vice-President Mike Pence urged the local population to find a safe place and stay there.

На Техас обрушился ураган Ханна: пострадала пограничная стена Трампа

Screenshot: Twitter/@Mike_Pence

Tropical depression

Hurricane Hanna weakened to a tropical depression after landfall on Texas, writes CNN.

“Every hurricane is a huge problem, said Greg Abbott. This is even more serious because it covers the area which has suffered from COVID-19”.

Sunday night hurricane weakened to a tropical depression, with sustained winds of 35 mph (56 km). However, he still posed a threat of floods in the valley of the Rio Grande, where he dropped more than foot of rain (30 cm).

In the County of Hidalgo (Texas) continued to operate in an emergency. There may occur sudden flood. Roads and highways are under water. In some parts of South Texas still have the probability of rain in 2-4 inch (5-10 cm) and a tornado.

In Corpus Christi collapsed part of the popular pier and the Art Museum of South Texas have suffered from flooding.

Officials in the County of Hidalgo, where a few of the affected cities, said about overcrowded hospitals, and the authorities asked residents to take shelter at home.

“During a hurricane, people gather to take refuge. This may affect the spread of the coronavirus. So we are asking everyone to stay home in a safe place,” said Abbott.

Large-scale flooding

According to CNN meteorologist Derek van dam, in some of the southernmost areas of Texas received more than ft (30 cm) of precipitation.

This led to widespread flooding in the valley of the Rio Grande, where the national weather service has declared a state of emergency. There were numerous reports on aid, mostly from motorists stuck in flood waters.

“Floods continue, including flash floods. At first it seems that there is a light rain, and then in a few minutes, he “can turn into quite a flood,” said the Governor.

Meanwhile, said van Dam, another potential storm that could develop over the next five days, formed behind Hanna in the Atlantic ocean.

Thousands without electricity

Weather service reported that tropical storm winds in some parts of Texas caused a disruption in the supply of electricity and damaged buildings and trees.

Officials of the city of mission (TX) reported that thousands of residents were left without electricity after strong winds caused damage to power lines and traffic lights.

“Repair crews have to hide because of the speed of the wind and the rain, — stated in the message of the authorities. — Crews will continue to respond to outages when it will be safe”.

Affected border wall

Wall of US President Donald trump, which is based on the border of USA and Mexico also suffered from the hurricane. In a video released on Twitter, is seen as part of the wall collapsing due to strong winds.