Thailand’s not kidding: the Russian tourist faces 10 years in prison for donated to the local toy dollars (PHOTO)

The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, Vadim Vedenyapino faces 10 years in prison of Thailand for the bad joke – the tourist gave the locals a gift of notes, but they took the situation seriously and called the police. This goes to trial, the family collects money to Russian osvobodili bail, but even in this case it, most likely, will not release from the country.

Told about an event on 30 September in your Instagram I. wife Catherine. “We have a rest with children. It so happened that one of us is in trouble. Unfortunate joke. Bought the kids a toy bucks to play, gave local. Was so-so memento from rush. Everything here seriously,” she wrote.

“We came to rest two families with young children, said Catherine in a conversation with – Kids constantly asking for money, so as you can see, we pay in stores. Vadim from Russia brought a fake baby money, which read: “Souvenirs”. The children were playing them in the store, and we have the money pulled”.

Night Vedenyapin was at the bar alone, and according to the wife, for fun, decided to give fake money to the Thais. Catherine says that the intention is really to pay them my husband was not. Family is not the first time vacationing in Thailand, but that you cannot joke, they didn’t know.

Against the Russians indicated by three local residents. Legal costs are huge, to collect is only able to counsel. Friend Vedenjapina told the portal Е1.RU to Deposit the desired amount to about one million rubles, and the investigation will go on for two years.

“Bail does not mean that the case will be closed. Most likely, until the case is closed, leaving the country he will be forbidden”, – said the Russian Embassy in Thailand. Consular Department of the Embassy finds out the details of the incident.

When traveling in Thailand, some operators and tour guides warn that the country’s strict rules, and in any situation the police will protect local. “This situation should be an example for all Russians. Always, when traveling abroad, you need to carefully consider the laws of the host country. Such occurrences are regular, and they are connected usually not with criminal activity, and banal human nonsense,” commented JustMedia Executive Director of the Ural tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev.