Thank Kaminska explained why I broke up with her husband

The singer also shared her thoughts about why she broke up with her husband.

Слава Каминская рассказала, почему рассталась с мужем

Member of the group “NEANGELY” Glory Kaminska, who in July broke up with a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, again not alone.

According to the singer, she has managed to have an affair, but the chosen one keeps a secret.

“In a relationship. As my colleague, happiness loves silence”, — said Didenko.

However, the star does not exclude that can marry only in the fourth, but the fifth time. “If I have a man who will not be good for me, it will be the fifth and sixth,” admitted the singer.

Regarding the cause of the breakup with Edgar Kaminsky, Slava said he didn’t know why it happened.

“I can tell you that I still don’t know why we broke up. I don’t know, maybe another, and another. I’m not implying anything, but I really don’t know why we broke up. The initiative was, of course, it. Well I as a mother could part with her husband. Even then, when I’m not happy, I’m a mother, I have children and I would never have done. And I may be a little older and wiser, and someone young and I want to walk, but once it comes to mind,” said the singer.

The question that Edgar was not satisfied with her, Glory replied, “He didn’t like the fact that I had a personal opinion, but I as a wife have to agree to everything.”

Despite the fact that the couple have officially divorced, not all issues on the division of property is solved. Glory together with the children continuing to live in the apartment that the ex-wife acquired in marriage, however, Kaminsky, according to the Fame, her apartment is not copied.

The singer admitted that now they with ex-husband don’t communicate, but Edgar to see the children, the artist is not prohibited. “Of the children he sees and increasingly began to take them in. Children must reside with the mother and dad may are satisfied with their personal lives,” explained Glory.

About does Thank make up with Edgar, she admitted that “anything can happen”, but now Kaminska does not want to “glue relationship.”