Thank Kaminska open up about the relationship of men and women

The artist started thinking about why conflicts arise in a couple

Слава Каминская разоткровенничалась об отношениях мужчины и женщины

This summer a member of the group Neangely Thank Kaminska surprise of many she divorced her husband, plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. Male lengthy spoken about the incident, but the singer chose to remain silent, only hinted to fans that she is okay. However, under a new publication in Instagram, the actress spoke about the relationship of the couple.

Fame has published his portrait in which she is depicted with lush, flowing hair. The singer looks piercingly into the lens and looks sad.

Celebrity speculate that conflicts often arise because people do not like a real person, but created by the illusion.

“Very often in the beginning of a relationship we are doing the same mistake: we meet and quickly create an image, a picture. We have not “felt”, not “touched”, don’t know who is really in front of us but we have currently drawn, shaped the image. We have created the image and now follow this way. Only this person knows about your way, and he follows his way. And here there is a conflict. We are trying to pull the ears what is not in this man. We come up with something about it and “it” get married or get married. For a portrait, its an illusion, but not for this man or woman, not because of who really is behind this picture. And then a year or two we begin to try to jostle the living object in its scope, and does not work. This starts a conflict. Try from the beginning to learn a new world instead of trying to create the illusion of” — shared Kaminska.

Many members agreed with Glory, and left her warm words of support and assurances that she was okay.

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  • We often wonder if we like the other, that we forget to ask ourselves, if they like us.
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