Thank Kaminska showed how it looked before plastic

The singer admitted that she has no memory of such

Слава Каминская показала, как выглядела до пластики

Participant of the duet Neangely 35-year-old Glory Kaminska struck fans with archival photos. On his page in Instagram artist published archival black and white footage taken during the filming of the video for the song “I know it’s you”, which was released in 2010.

Слава Каминская показала, как выглядела до пластики

As noted by the users of the network, these photos captured the Glory before plastic surgery — apparently, it changed the shape of the nose and lips, and increased breast. Some felt that the singer cheated on ex-husband, who works as a plastic surgeon.

By the way, and she Kaminska admitted that he does not remember himself like this.

“I know it’s you” — we sang the song, but I can’t remember being like this in life. that’s cool to raise the archives and find the there are not afraid of the word, masterpieces. thank you @am_murr for something that already through your lens you saw us like that. My Selestina welcome back”, — commented on the publication of artist.

In the comments, the followers are actively discussing the changes in appearance of the Glory — some even noted that she became quite another person. There were a lot of people whom she liked more to plastics.

  • this is your face rearranged former spouse…. and because you and 40 like no….. different people) in the photo now)
  • I have a question! Where years go cheek?) But what’s the difference
  • Then there’s the nose
  • And so special!!! Now of course nice, but nothing special)))
  • You then just copy mother, one person
  • Garnier Yak spring
  • And brow it decide still
  • here, the lips are more beautiful
  • Very, very this is how you start to listen! So individual features, beautiful!!!
  • Gone))
  • The nose does another
  • One of my favorite clips
  • Garen!!! Spravzhnya of Krasna
  • There is still a nose
  • You do not know. Now look 1000 times better!
  • Sooo cool were then and now!!! Time changes, life and looks, I like