That can lead to the development of breast cancer

Experts from the National Institute of cancer research in new Jersey said, what reasons can lead to breast cancer.

Что может привести к развитию рака груди

So, about 15% of women have a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. To the development of cancer can also cause injury to the breast, maintenance of a wrong lifestyle, Smoking, obesity, constant stress, inflammatory processes.

As for the expression “all diseases of the nerves” researchers from Ohio state University identified a direct link between stress and starting the process of cell mutation.

The risk of breast cancer increases in women with early menstruation (before age 12) and late menopause (after 55 years).

In the presence of breast cancer in close relatives should be very attentive to their health. Doctors visits and routine examinations should be part of your life.

Doctors strongly recommend after the age of 40 to undergo regular mammograms. You can see the Breasts themselves for the presence of seals.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in Russia, of all cancers it occurs in 18% of cases. The disease is easier to prevent than to treat, and if untreated, early on, warned the doctors.

Recall that in the early stages breast cancer may not cause any symptoms. But the growth of the tumor there are changes that a woman should be treated with caution. This seal, swelling in the breast, around her or in the underarm area; a change in the size or shape of the breast; change in the color or structure of the skin; changes to the areola or nipple (retraction, peeling, presence of sores, swelling).