“That’s horrible!” Svetlana Loboda struck fans effective exercise for the glutes (video)

«Вот так попа!» Светлана Лобода поразила фанатов эффективным упражнением для ягодиц (видео)

Temporarily residing in the Russian Federation Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which recently showed “the guy”, which carries out all night, wins fans not only with his voice and songs, but chiseled figure, is the envy of many women.

When this star does not hesitate “to share” the secrets of their workouts, showing what efforts she gives a great appearance.

It happened the day before: a few hours ago, she posted a video which showed how to make the ass than j-Lo or Kim Kardashian.

“Oh and Uh Oh” — fun signed it post, portraying the rhythm of their workouts.

However, the Svetlana exercises seem hard, that could not fail to impress followers.

“That’s impossible! It’s so hard!”, “You are not very funny from the irrationality of these exercises?! Well You tomorrow to the fitness Mega-guru will tell you need to stand upside down and weights to raise the ears, will also run?”, “This charge”, “that’s an ass!”, — sorry for the wearer.

But they never tire to mention how amazing it looks Loboda.

“I think we can see something eternal, I am stuck”, “Good”, “Cool”, “Pretty woman!”, “As much pain began, what you done”, “Light direct efirchik want“, “So fragile and so strong”, — the reaction of the fans.

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Publication of LOBODA (@lobodaofficial) 6 Oct 2019 10:46 PDT

Perhaps the reason that Svetlana started to show in the network training was suspicion of some fans that their flawless she was under the care of plastic surgeons. On the star answered categorically that never resorted to dramatic changes in appearance.

“I did not touch to anything! Many years ago I fell into the glass, and on my nose appeared crooked. If I was risky I would have went and operated. But I’m afraid bowl to lose individuality. And this is my charisma. I have certain facial expressions, I can’t lose her. I’m late as possible to touch to your look. I didn’t do anything“, — said the singer in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Svetlana Loboda even specially came to Kiev from Russia to clean up the body before performances. However, she also showed exactly how this happens.

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