The 10 best gadgets of the decade that changed the future of technology

In the modern world of technology to mankind provided a huge selection of gadgets and various technologies, but like anything else, there are some that people like more, even though more technologically advanced and the latest models. Edition MC.Today put together a list of 10 most favorite gadgets, which people expressed a preference in the past decade.

10 лучших гаджетов десятилетия, которые изменили будущее технологий

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Apple IPhone 4 (2010)

Apple IPhone 4 is the most iconic smartphone ever created.

What’s special about it? First, design. Compared with its predecessors, the iPhone 4 is an extremely slim body with no sharp edges. It was the first phone in the form of a “sandwich” of glass panels and metal frames. This solution is still used in many flagship smartphones.

In iPhone 4, the company first used the brand Retina display and front camera for selfie, which set the standard of image quality for many years. Simultaneously with the smartphone the company first presented its A4 microprocessor and an operating system called iOS.

Amazon Echo (2014)

“Talking” computer just had to appear, remember science fiction movies like “Star trek.” It was first released Amazon Echo speaker, which began the era of voice assistants.

Assistant named Alexa can not only tell you weather or maintain a simple conversation, but to start the car, turn off the lights, activate the alarm. In addition, she gradually learns to recognize human emotions by voice. In 2016 Apple has sold over 100 million devices that support Alexa.

Apple Macbook Air (2013)

The first model of the MacBook Air, which has become the standard of notebook for years to come, was released in 2010.

She didn’t have the drive, but it was a 13.3-inch screen, two USB ports, a MagSafe connector and a slot for SD card. And three years later Apple added another missing puzzle piece: a powerful battery that worked without charging for 13 hours. This performance is impressive even today.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)

Although the most popular over the last ten years the Samsung was Galaxy S8, the release of the sixth model was a turning point in the history of the company.

That’s when Samsung said goodbye to the cheap plastic finish and the “aesthetic of ugly”. The company proved that the design is quite able to compete with Apple.

Galaxy S6 was so successful that defined the appearance of almost all Samsung products until the end of the decade. His features can be seen even in S10 and Galaxy Note 10 released in 2019.

Tesla Model S (2012)

Sedan Tesla Model S became the first electric car in history, but the fashion for eco-friendly transportation began with. For the Tesla the appearance of this car was the event that opened her way of niche manufacturing in the big leagues. But the name Elon musk became a household word.

The success of the model is not cheap (from $75 thousand) in the end made possible the production of a more affordable Tesla Model 3 (about $35 thousand).

Apple Airpods (2016)

Apple showed the world AirPods on the same day, when presented the iPhone 7 without connector for wired headphones. Apple AirPods quickly gained popularity not only because of the pure and quality sound, but also convenient connection with the phone.

Later, the company gave headphones, wireless charging and, more recently, improved anatomic form and noise reduction. Although companies like Jabra and Sony over the last few years has created a lot of worthy competitors, for users of iPhones AirPods are still indispensable.

Apple Watch Series 3 (2017)

After the death of Steve jobs, Apple’s revenue continued to grow, however, the company has long pleased fans exit really interesting product.

The first version of “smart” watches Apple has released in 2015, but only the third generation of the gadget has received recognition among the users. By this time the company focused on the health — tracking rhythm of breathing and heartbeat, the control of the menstrual cycle and diet.

Now, according to the journalist of The Verge Dieter Bonn, the Apple Watch Series 3 is “the best thing you can wear on your wrist.”

Microsoft Surface PRO 3 (2014)

“This is the tablet that can replace your laptop” — so touted their offspring company on the eve of the release. In the third generation Surface has solved the main problem of his predecessors — low performance hardware.

In addition, the model has convenient adjustable stand, large display with an aspect ratio of 3: 2 and secure the Type Cover keyboard.

Sony Playstation 4 (2013)

Now we can say that the power, accessibility and variety of games the PlayStation 4 beat all competitors and became the console in decades. Exclusive game The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted 4, Persona 5 Stranding and Death became iconic for a whole generation.

Google Pixel 2 (2017)

After the failure of the Nexus line, Google has made another attempt to conquer the smartphone market — and this time it has paid off. Google Pixel 2 has gained popularity thanks to the support of augmented reality.

In addition, with this model, Google pushed the boundaries of camera smartphones and paved the way for such features as “night vision” and the maximum approximation with high detail Super Res Zoom.