The 10 most common causes of back pain

The feeling of back pain not only brings discomfort.

According to statistics, back pain suffers 70% of the population.

10 самых распространенных причин болей в спине

In this article we will focus on the most frequent causes of its occurrence.

1. Increased tension in the muscles of the back (muscles are arranged in layers and form a so-called muscular frame, back and spine). It can occur for several reasons. This includes heavy physical work, properly planned exercise, incorrect posture, flat feet, and excessive weight or pregnancy.

2. Changes in the vertebrae and the intervertebral disks (osteochondrosis and its complications, schmorl’s nodule).

3. Fractures and injuries of the spine. Injuries to tendons, ligaments, and paravertebral muscles (tears, microtrauma, tears).

4. Inflammatory diseases of the spine (spondylitis). They can be caused by specific bacteria (tuberculosis, syphilis, brucellosis, gonococcal spondylitis), or various other microorganisms. In severe cases, infection may develop with the participation of several agents at once (mixed infection). It is also possible, and autoimmune inflammation. Such diseases include osteomyelitis of the vertebrae, ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease), rheumatoid spondylitis.

5. Tumors of the back and spine (rare), and metastases in the spine for tumors of organs located in the chest, abdomen or in the pelvis.

6. Congenital malformations of the spine (defects of the intervertebral joints and vertebrae, narrowing of spinal canal).

7. Diseases of internal organs. Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), kidney stones, pyelonephritis, cystitis (inflammation of bladder), gynecological disease, prostatitis, colitis. Also do not forget about heart disease and blood vessels, which can cause severe pain in the back (myocardial infarction, dissecting aneurysm of the aorta).

8. Viral infections (SARS, influenza) can give the expressed muscle pain, including in the back.

9. Osteoporosis (loss of bone calcium) is one of the most frequent causes of back pain in the elderly, especially women.

10. Psychosomatic back pain. They can be caused by various disorders, such as depression or hypochondria.

In determining the specific cause of back pain must take into consideration many other signs of the condition of the body. To perform all the complex can only be a doctor, so when back pain should not self-diagnose or self-medicate.