The 23-time Olympic champion was born the third son (photo)

У 23-кратного олимпийского чемпиона родился третий сын (фото)

Legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps is the only one in the history of the 23-time Olympic champion and 26-time world champion, an absolute record for the number of Olympic medals (28) and holder of several world records — the third time became the father.

This was reported in the social network wife 34-year-old athlete, former model Nicole.

“Welcome Maverick Nicholas Phelps, who was born at 36 weeks and 2 days. Our baby weighs 2.8 kg, his height is 50 cm. He instantly stole our hearts and has delighted me from thinking that I’m the mom of boys. Looking forward to traveling through life surrounded by my men,” wrote Nicole Phelps in Instagram.

Note that Michael and Nicole Phelps already raising two boys — a 3-year-old Boomer born 12 February last year, Beckett.

У 23-кратного олимпийского чемпиона родился третий сын (фото)

Happy family Michael Phelps

By the way, the most titled athlete in history, at the time, the loser of the race… the white shark, the 47th of foot size, which is slightly more than the average for people his height. Michael has disproportionately short legs and a disproportionately long torso compared to an ordinary person, but the scale of his hands is 203 cm, or 10 cm longer than his height.


Photo Simon Bruty, Instagram

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