The 4th patient for 2 months has escaped from a psychiatric hospital (PHOTO)


4-й пациент за 2 месяца сбежал из психиатрической лечебницы  (ФОТО)

35-year-old Galoubet Keene last seen Friday afternoon around 12:26. Toronto police warns the public to follow its safety, since it is already the fourth person who escaped from the Center for mental health and addictions Toronto (CAMH), in the last 2 months.

Police describes Keene like a skinny guy with curly hair. The last time I saw him, he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black pajama pants.

The public are asked not to allow Keene to approach him and immediately call 911, so an escapee can be dangerous.

Galoubet Keene – for the 4th escaped in the last 2 months, the patient CAMH. Earlier, Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford promised to revise the rules after the second criminal escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

Earlier, the mayor of Toronto John Tory reported that disappearances, forced the society to worry and ask questions. According to him, authorities should intervene and solve the problem, while working with mentally ill people gently and carefully, but at the same time taking care that the public was safe.