The 5 most common mistakes in hair care⠀

It would seem, what could be easier than hair care. But there it was — the girls often make the same mistakes that have a negative impact on the hair. Beauty blogger Irina shark listed in your Instagram account the 5 most popular mistakes that are better not repeated.

5 самых популярных ошибок в уходе за волосами⠀

What you don’t:

Do not wash hair with hot water

Hot water breaks the hair structure, and activates the sebaceous glands. In addition, high temperature water is not very suitable colored hair. To wash my hair need a warm or slightly cool water.

Select the shampoo according to skin type

It is important to remember that the main function of a shampoo is cleansing the scalp, not the hair. So if you have, for example, whipped ends, but the scalp is oily, the shampoo should be for oily hair, not dry as it may seem.

Forget to use thermal protection during heat styling hair.

Always apply heat protection before using a hair dryer and Ironing.

Forget to regularly clear hair comb

Over time, the comb collects a lot of dirt (remnants of cosmetics, dirt, etc.) so it is important to wash it regularly.

Malfunctioning brush my hair

It is important to begin brushing hair from the roots and the tips.