The 9 most annoying actions of the passengers on the American flight attendants

Flight attendants have many responsibilities in the air, but some passengers don’t seem to realize it. Even worse, when some passengers behave as if their preferences are more important than all the others. Business Insider listed nine of the most annoying actions of passengers.

9 самых раздражающих поступков пассажиров по версии американских стюардесс

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Don’t take the headphones off during maintenance

“One of the most annoying things is definitely when you come to offer them snacks and drinks, and they wear headphones. You repeat things or say something in a row again and again,” said a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines.

Hasten the flight attendant collecting garbage

“I’ve never seen that people were so adamant, as if they need to throw out the trash to such an extent that they almost throw it to you or will reach the end of the plane to give you your garbage,” said the stewardess for Delta.

Do not pay attention to the signal “fasten your seat belt”

“I think the most serious for me is when people don’t take seriously the signal “fasten your seat belt,” said a stewardess with United Airlines.

Play in variety of places

“Most unpleasant, what do the passengers just decide where they will sit, instead of to follow the seat number on your boarding pass. Sometimes they think that it is a free place for everyone,” admitted the flight attendant PSA airlines.

Leave a big mess after themselves

The flight attendant Worldwide Jet Charter air carrier, says that the most annoying, what would a passenger do is leave behind a big mess, and this takes place while slightly less than half of the flights it operates.

“They like living here and then just leave. And I take it,” she said.

Ignore the flight attendants while talking

“I think the most disrespectful not to respond when you talk to a person. Even if you don’t fly a lot, you know that at some point, you have something to offer,” says the flight attendant United Airlines.

“People wear noise cancelling headphones, and they are in a different world,” she added.

Press the call button for no reason

Flight attendant Piedmont Airlines said its annoying when passengers press the call button the flight attendants for no good reason.

“You are busy with something, and you have six times spoke with them about it,” she said.

Underestimate the importance of the flight attendant

“We mainly trained in safety techniques and after that hospitality,” said the flight attendant with Alaska Airlines.

“I think the most annoying thing — the passengers, who think we’re just waitresses,” he added.

According to her, the flight attendants are trained to deal with such situations, like fires, drunken passengers, a bomb threat bombs and emergencies.

Relate flight attendants to attract their attention

“The most annoying thing passengers do, they pulled me, and do not use the indicator light of the challenge,” said the stewardess with American Airlines.